jueves, 15 de septiembre de 2011

Retooling luxury cars

How will luxury cars be in the future? We will have the answer in very few days at the Frankfurt’s Motor Show. German manufacturers will present their most impressive cars (I would love to be there), like the new M5 (BMW), S7 (Audi), SLK 5F AMG (Mercedes) or 911 (Porsche). These companies will show both faces of the same product: the power of their engines and the respectfulness for the environment. Car manufacturers have to meet the needs of two demands: on the one hand, customers want impressively powerful cars (this is not very green, is it?) while, on the other hand, governments are asking for more “green” cars that pollute less than their precedents. This is certainly very challenging; however, German manufacturers have learnt how to do this in a very professional way (that does not impress me at all). What can say… I’d love to be in Frankfurt this week!

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